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Why stop junk mail?

  • Why use the service?
  • Why use the service?
  • What is junk mail?
  • What does the UK think about junk mail?
  • What does this stop junk mail service do?
  • How quickly will i see the benefits of this service?
  • What do i do if i keep getting junk mail?
  • How will the stop junk mail service affect companies i want to hear from?
  • FAQ
  • Why use the service?

    To will stop the large amounts of junk mail that come through your letter box.  The more people who use the service the more we will reduce the environmental impact of junk mail:

      • felling of over 100 million trees each year
      • using some 28 billion gallons of water to produce it.
      • transporting over 500,000 tonnes of paper in the UK alone

    What is junk mail ?

    There are 2 main types of junk mail which go through your mail box.

    1. Addressed direct mail, to you or  a person in your household and you have a legal right to opt-out of receiving what you regard as junk mail. Each person named at the address must do their own stop junk mail registration - i.e. all adults in the household.

    2. Unaddressed mail much of which is delivered by the Royal Mail. You can opt-out of the Royal Mail door-door drop service by registering with stop junk mail and completing the form.

    What does the UK think about junk mail ?

    How do you feel about junk mail ?                                       survey Nov ’08

    I hate it.  It's an environmental and irresponsible waste. 30%
    I hate it.  It's an intrusion of my privacy as how did they get my data? 8%
    I hate it.  It's both an environmental waste and an intrusion of my privacy. 58%
    I like it.  Some very interesting things come through my post. 2%
    I am not bothered either way. 3%

    Since 95% of the public seem to dislike junk mail we have designed a service that enables people to opt-out of receiving it, and as more people adopt the service, so the environmental impact of junk mail will reduce.

    What does this stop junk mail service do ?

    It enables you to tell companies that you do not want direct mail and under the Data Protection Act 1998 Section 11 they must legally comply with your request. Additionally the service enables you to inform the Royal Mail that you wish to opt-out of their unaddressed mail door drop service.

    How quickly will I see the benefits of the service ?

    Personally addressed mail: It will take around 3-4 months. On a monthly basis we inform the Data Controller of each company of the people who wish to opt-out of receiving direct mail. Since mailings are often planned several months in advance it will take several months for the notifications to be fully effective.
    Royal Mail delivered unaddressed mail: this opt-out should typically be effective within 2-3 weeks.

    What do I do if I keep getting junk mail ?

    Every 3 months we will email you with a stopjunkmail update and you will have an opportunity to list ALL the organisations who are still sending you addressed and unaddressed junk mail.

    If you have sent a stopjunkmail notification to a company and they persist in sending you mail, then let us know by emailing our customer care team, detailing the company and your account name.

    After you have registered we recommend you take a large card board box and put ALL your junk mail in this box then when you receive your 3 monthly email reminder from Stop Junk Mail list those companies which have sent you junk mail and then put it to recycling and start the process again. If all our customers do this ‘junk mail housekeeping’ we will soon establish a list of ALL the companies and organisations in the UK to whom we need to send stopjunk mail notifications on your behalf. We are stronger together

    How will the stopjunkmail service affect normal mail I receive from companies with whom I have service relationships?

    It will not affect ongoing correspondence with your existing service providers concerning your existing relationship. It only stops them and others sending you direct mail concerning other products and services which they would like you to buy. Legally this covers both ‘inserts’ in monthly bills and dedicated mailings – the latter will be easier to ensure enforcement than the former. Of course, you can ask many service providers to contact you via e email only for the management of your ongoing service relationship – the best environmental solution and lowest cost.


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