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About 11% of the UK population moves home every year. How do you as an organisation keep track of where your existing customers are going? How many of them drop off the radar? gives you the means to retain and develop relationships when your customers move house. 1,000s of home-movers register on our site weekly and use it to tell banks, credit card companies, utility firms, gyms, councils and many more that they're moving home. We're the only widely-used online address change service in the UK.

What do you get as an Accredited Partner?

Our Accredited Partners enjoy a range of benefits, including:

  • Receive customer address change information electronically - saving you time and money over traditional telephone/letter contact
  • Eligibility for our Permission Marketing programme

Read more about how we help organisations keep customers or contact us anytime on email address.

Disappearing customers

With so many people moving every year, it's difficult to keep track of all your customers, members, taxpayers, subscribers and other contributors. Where are they moving to? When do they move out/move in? Do they still need/want your service?

Expensive for you

Keeping on top of it all can be very expensive. It costs a highly optimised call centre at least £3 to process one address change by phone. This rises to around £12 to handle a letter. In addition, how much money do you waste by sending out statements and direct mail to the wrong address?

Disappearing business...

If you're selling something, consider how much business you lose simply by not maintaining contact with your existing customers when they move. When viewed alongside the business gained by your competitors and the high cost of new customer acquisition, can your organisation afford to lose them? Can you also afford to miss out on the new sales opportunities that arise from moving home?

Keep hold of them

The good news is that you can do something about it. can help you keep track of your customers, members, taxpayers, subscribers and other contributors.

Our Accredited Partners, who include the UK's foremost financial services providers, utility firms, local authorities, government agencies and charities, use our services to:

  • Keep in touch with their customers
  • Make life easier for customers and save them time
  • Reduce the cost of processing address changes by up to 90%
  • Find new opportunities to up-sell to existing customers
  • Reduce the number of disappearing customers (or 'churn')

Thanks to us, they receive change of address notifications from their customers electronically - either via our secure extranet service or by email to a dedicated address or department. It saves them time and it saves them money.

To find out how your organisation can start enjoying the same benefits, contact us now. Limited is an introducer appointed representative of First Complete Limited, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FRN:435779) for mortgage and non-investment insurance advice.
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