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How to use the Stop Junk Mail service

Existing customers
If you have created an change of address or new home energy switching account then you will automatically have a free stop junk mail account – simply log in as usual to start notifying.

New customers
Registering is very easy, and means that all the details you add will be saved for your next visit.

Simply click the sign in button on the top right of the navigation bar, then click the register button and fill in your details. An email will then be sent out to verify your account; you will need to click the link supplied in the email in order to use the stop junk service. Once you have registered you can then log in to your account and begin stopping junk.

Login to your account.

Click the stop junk logo on the home page

From the select companies page click the text link reading select organisations.

You will then be presented with a “stop list” and a “neutral list”. The “stop list” will automatically contain all the companies we notify the “neutral list” will be empty and awaiting companies for you to add.

By either using the search function or the drop down category box, you can find the companies you want to add to your “neutral list”. When you’ve found a company you still want to here from select by clicking then click the “move to neutral list” button.

When you have added all the companies you still want to hear from to your “neutral list”, you can then send your notifications by clicking confirm.

After clicking the confirm button you are then prompted to reconfirm by click yes or no, click yes to continue.

When you have sent your stop junk notifications you will then be prompted to send out a royal mail opt out form. Follow the link and download the pdf. This will stop any unaddressed mail being sent to you.

Remember you can always add or remove companies from your “stop list” or “neutral list” at a later date Limited is an introducer appointed representative of First Complete Limited, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FRN:435779) for mortgage and non-investment insurance advice.
EAF 4803 09/12